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The project is open to all UK based artists, amateur or professional.

You may submit up to two designs in total. A maximum of one design by any one artist will be chosen.

Please note that designs must be appropriate for public display. Designs that are overtly religious, political or sexual in nature will not be accepted. Additionally, neither corporate logos nor advertising is allowed. We cannot accept designs which infringe on 3rd party Intellectual Property, i.e. Star Wars, Disney, etc.

The opportunity is open to artists working in paint, photography, drawing, mosaic, sculpture and collage.

While we welcome all art forms, experience has taught us that collage and/or sticking paper or paper-based products onto the sculpture does not prove as effective as painting or mosaics. Please be aware that most of the sculptures will be positioned outside for 10 weeks exposed to the British weather. Artist materials are not provided. The use of water-based acrylic paints is recommended, although artificial resin paint or two-component paint can also be used to paint or spray a design. To complete your sculpture, it must be finished with a waterproof, non-yellowing varnish which will be provided.

The sculpture trails will be supported by an app and website. Audiences will use an app to access information about you, your work and the historical research around your chosen theme. If you would like there to be a digital element to your design, such as an activated soundscape or video, please contact us to discuss how we may facilitate this.

You can enter you designs here. Alongside your designs, you will be asked to provide the following information:

  • Bio (300 word count)
  • Socials/Website
  • 5 images of previous work (optional)
  • Artist’s Statement (text and an optional 1 minute video), including reflection on chosen theme

The base Globe sculpture will be an identical fibreglass & resin hollow Globe, 140cm in diameter, with a total height of 168cm including the base. It will weigh between 40kg-60kg without its concrete base, which will be attached onsite during installation. You will finish your globe with a weather resistant and anti-graffiti lacquer that we will provide.

Artists are advised to not make any structural changes to the Globe. You will also be provided with the lacquer to protect your design.

Help & Support

Please read the FAQs for the commonly asked questions. If you are still unsure please contact the Open Call Project Managers, Parker Harris:

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