When planning your design, there are a few things to bear in mind:

  1. When placed on the streets, each sculpture is bolted to a concrete plinth using fixings. Artists must keep the base area of the sculpture clear of any attachments.
  2. Your Globe design is completely up to you. The Globe is simply the surface for you to work on. Its shape references the geography of the Transatlantic Slave Trade and was chosen to give you the greatest possible canvas – it in no way dictates your design. We just ask that your design responds to one of our Journey of Discovery themes. Each theme will have an attached collection of historical research to help inspire you. We will continue to develop this resource until March 2022.
  3. The sculpture trails will be supported by an app and website. Audiences will use an app to access information about you, your work and the historical research around your chosen theme. If you would like there to be a digital element to your design, such as an activated soundscape or video, please contact us to discuss how we may facilitate this.
  4. Appropriate for public display: The audience will be wide ranging and of all ages. Designs that are overtly religious, political or sexual in nature will not be accepted. Additionally, neither corporate logos nor advertising is allowed. We cannot accept designs which infringe on 3rd party Intellectual Property, i.e. Star Wars, Disney, etc.The World Reimagined is an educational arts programme. Our mission is to create safe spaces where all members of the public can enter into conversations around The Transatlantic Slave Trade and its legacies. We are open and welcome audiences from all backgrounds to learn about our shared history. Please bear this in mind when you are developing your designs.
  5. Recommended materials: While we welcome all art forms, experience has taught us that collage and/or sticking paper or paper-based products onto the sculpture does not prove as effective as painting or mosaics. Please be aware that most of the sculptures will be positioned outside for 10 weeks exposed to the British weather. Artist materials are not provided. The use of water-based acrylic paints is recommended, although artificial resin paint or two-component paint can also be used to paint or spray a design. To complete your sculpture, it must be finished with a waterproof, non-yellowing varnish which will be provided.


1. In these terms the following definitions shall apply: –

Data Protection Legislation: means the Data Protection Act 2018 and UK GDPR (the retained EU law version General Data Protection Regulation ((EU) 2016/679)) and all implementation, replacement and modifying legislation and regulations relating to data protection from time to time in force in the UK.

Event: means a trail of Globes in major cities across the UK for approximately eight weeks during the period of 14 August 2022 to 16 October 2022 (precise dates to be confirmed by The World Reimagined).

Globe: means a large globe sculpture that will form part of the trail as part of the Event.

The World Reimagined: means The World Reimagined Limited (Company number: 12501914) of The Clock House, Station Approach, Marlow, Buckinghamshire, England, SL7 1NT

World Reimagined Project: means the art education project called The World Reimagined which aims to transform how UK society understands the transatlantic slave trade and its impact via the Event which will be the centre of a broader education and engagement programme with schools, community groups, football, and cultural institutions across the country which shall be part of the World Reimagined Project.

Wild in Art: means Wild In Art Limited (Company number: 06166501) of Unit 14 Bingswood Industrial Estate, Whaley Bridge, High Peak, England, SK23 7LY.

You: means you the artist submitting this form and Globe design(s).

Wild in Art: means Wild In Art Limited (Company number: 06166501) of Unit 14 Bingswood Industrial Estate, Whaley Bridge, High Peak, England, SK23 7LY.

You: means you the artist submitting this form and Globe design(s).

2. The open call for Globe designs is open to all artists, amateur or professional.


3. You may submit up to two designs in total. A maximum of one design by any one artist will be chosen.


4. All terms and conditions in this application form a part of the agreement between you and The World Reimagined (also referred to as “we” and “our”) and by submitting your work you are agreeing to be bound by all these terms and conditions.

5. You must be the sole creator and owner of all intellectual property rights of the work entered, or if the work is not your own in full, you must have permission in writing from all other creator(s) and/or owner(s) to use their work and grant a licence to The World Reimagined and Wild in Art to use the work you submit. Source material or proof of permission in use of another person’s work must be made available on request by the selection panel. The World Reimagined does not accept liability in the publication of any reproduced art.

6. The design must represent a piece of work that you have the ability to reproduce on a 3D sculpture.

7. Any additions or modifications to the Globe must be sufficiently strong to maintain structural integrity of the sculpture. (Seek advice if you are unsure.)

8. Updates on the submission process can be found on our website from time to time.

9. To enter, the work must be received by The World Reimagined by the closing date of 31 December 2021 5PM GMT.

10. Subject to clause 23 below, copyright and all other intellectual property rights in the design belong to and remain with you the artist. However, by submitting your design(s) you hereby grant to The World Reimagined an irrevocable, worldwide, transferable, sub-licensable, perpetual, royalty free licence to use, reproduce, publish, distribute, exhibit and display the design, whether on the Globe or otherwise, in any format whatsoever for all purposes in connection with the Event and the World Reimagined Project including without limitation its promotion and to sell the Globe, any commercial tie in and merchandising rights, in and to the Globe and any other exploitation including any images of it in any format, including moving visual illustrations, print editions, electronic book formats (together with subsequent publication rights), and in the creation of (or licensing the creation of) any merchandise which features the Globe or any element of it, creating promotional materials, and the making of and/or behind the scenes materials of the making of the Globe and the World Reimagined shall own all intellectual property rights to all such derivative materials.

11. No allowances will be made for work that arrives later than the deadline and The World Reimagined’s decision on this matter is final.

12. We will process your personal data in accordance with our privacy policy ( At all times we will ensure that we look after your details responsibly in accordance with the Data Protection Legislation– and that any organisations using your information on our behalf do the same. We may need to contact you to provide information about the World Reimagined Project and your submission.

13. You consent to the use of your work, name and photograph in any promotional material carried out by The World Reimagined or Wild in Art without any further compensation.

14. Your work will be reviewed by The World Reimagined and considered for a shortlist by a panel of experts before the Event. Only shortlisted designs will be shown to the sponsors of the Event (or at The World Reimagined project manager’s discretion).

15. Work will be commissioned after consultation with the Event sponsors. The World Reimagined’s decision on all matters relating to the work selected for use is final. No further correspondence will be entered into. Some works may also be used outside of the Event commissioning process.

16. Upon commissioning, The World Reimagined will provide the Globe, at no charge to you. Cost of materials is your responsibility with the exception of varnish, which will be provided. If you are not able to paint the Globe in the public painting space you will be responsible for the cost of transporting the Globe to your studio or place of painting and returning to The World Reimagined’s storage facility.

17. You will provide a list of materials, and recommended paint brand and colours you plan on using on your Globe. The World Reimagined reserves the right to request a change to the materials, paint brand and/or colours if it considers any of these not to be fit for purpose.

18. The World Reimagined reserves the right to withhold any fee payable to you in connection with the Event if in its sole opinion the quality of the finished work provided falls below that which can reasonably be expected for public display and/or is substantially different from the design you submitted.

19. The Globe remains at all times the property of The World Reimagined and must be returned in good order.

20. If the Globe is returned unfinished by you, not returned or deemed to be irreparable due to damage while in your possession, you shall be charged the full replacement cost of the Globe which is £1800+VAT.

21. The World Reimagined will award commissioned artists with an honorarium payment of £1,500. This will be paid on completion of the artwork, subject to sign-off, and all relevant paperwork (including a commissioning agreement) being completed as required by The World Reimagined. Payment will be made within 31 working days of receipt of a valid invoice.

22. Following the Event, the city sculptures will be auctioned December 2022 to raise money for the World Reimagined Project. Artists will be invited to renovate the Globes subject to, if necessary, an agreed reasonable additional fee. If no fee can be agreed, The World Reimagined reserves the right to allow this work to be carried out by another party. You will receive 10% of the proceeds if the Globe you have produced the design for is sold at auction.

23. By entering your work for consideration to be selected to be used in the Event and for eligibility for payment of the honorarium you warrant that you have all required rights and consents to submit the work and to allow The World Reimagined and Wild in Art to use the work in connection with the Globes. If commissioned you also agree to the assignment of all intellectual property rights you hold in connection with the Globe design and Globe sculpture to The World Reimagined and acknowledge that The World Reimagined has full rights and title to the Globe design and Globe sculpture you produce in connection with the Event, the World Reimagined Project, and the right to auction the Globe. You unconditionally and irrevocably waive all moral rights relating to the Globe sculpture to which you become entitled at any time under the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 as amended from time to time and under all similar legislation from time to time in force anywhere in the world. You will retain the right to be named as the artist who created the Globe design, to use the Globe design as part of your portfolio and to use images of the Globe sculpture as part of your portfolio.

24. By submitting your entry, you certify that all statements made in your application are true to the best of your knowledge and you acknowledge that The World Reimagined is not liable for damage or loss of materials submitted.

If you have any questions about the terms and conditions, contact Ella Phillips at

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